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Moreno asks for serenity to PSOE and Vox but insists on bringing forward elections if the Parliament becomes “an enclosure”. The president has laid the first stone of the defense works against possible flooding of the Guadalhorce, in Malaga.

Moreno’s warning is not credible for Vox, which asks him not to look for excuses. The left believes that Moreno plays the “ceremony of confusion”. Marín cools down the possibility of an advance that he conditions to an “extreme urgency or necessity”.

The conveners say that the new Community Agricultural Policy will involve in Jaén “a real catastrophe” and there will be farmers and ranchers who will lose aid in areas such as La Loma, Cazorla, Segura and El Condado.

The Cadiz town has taken over from Murcia in an event held at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) held in Madrid. It is the first municipality not a provincial capital to hold this title.

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On November 30, 1972, LU 89 TV Channel 3 of Santa Rosa was inaugurated. At that time, the material to be broadcasted arrived by air and the media workers had to pick it up when the Aerolíneas Argentinas plane arrived. This being so, it was deferred information, that is to say, it dealt with events of the previous day.[1] Several companies were in charge of broadcasting it.

Several companies were in charge of supplying the videotapes to the channels of the interior, where movies, news and even soap operas were bought for the enjoyment of the local citizens.

Technology progressed, and in 1985 Closed Circuit Television began to appear. The first one in La Pampa was Channel 2, which was later joined by Pampa TV and other localities in the province.

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The Dakar Rally 2022, edition in which several Argentines competed in different categories and took place in Saudi Arabia, will come to an end this Friday, January 14, with the dispute of Stage 12. Check out all the options for you to enjoy the exciting definition, both on TV and online.

When the 2022 Dakar Rally endsThe 2022 edition of the Dakar Rally started on January 1st with the prologue stage. Saudi Arabia will host the world’s toughest rally for the third consecutive time. The event kicks off in Jeddah with a prologue stage of 19 kilometers of special stage and 815 kilometers of liaison to reach Hail. After twelve stages and many kilometers with different types of sand, the rally will come to an end on January 14, also in Jeddah.

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With the objective of strengthening regional and national capacity for the prevention and control of key vectors, PAHO/WHO has been implementing the “Action Plan on Entomology and Vector Control 2018-20232 to contribute to the reduction of the spread of vector-borne diseases. The activities of the Action Plan are intended to support the strategic lines of action to achieve the goals, milestones and targets of the “Global vector control response 2017-2030”.

Chagas disease is a parasitic, systemic, chronic, vector-borne, parasitic condition caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, with a strong link to socio-economic and cultural deficits, and is considered a neglected disease. It is an endemic pathology in 21 countries of the Americas, although migrations of infected people can take it to non-endemic countries of the Americas and the world.

The main mechanism of transmission is vectorial, by hemiptera (bedbugs), of the subfamily Triatominae (with hematophagous feeding). They infect people exposed to their bites, by depositing their infected feces in skin wounds or on mucous membranes. Other modes of transmission are transfusion, congenital, organ transplantation or oral. It is estimated that in the Region, nearly 100 million people are at risk of infection, some 8 million are infected, with 56,000 new cases per year due to all forms of transmission, causing 12,000 deaths per year.